Who am I?

About Me

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  • Name: Nimish Gåtam
  • From: The USA
  • Currently: Malmö, Sweden
  • Email: nimishg@gmail.com

Quick Blurb

I believe knowledge and information want to be free, and I want to help it, whether through analysis or dissemination.

I also like to dabble in the world of gadgets and open source technology— I mean, we do live in the future after all.

Roles and Responsibilities

Work Experience

2020 November - Present

Develop Diverse



SaaS product to eliminate biased language from job ads using machine learning

Architectural lead and product process lead for research and development team

Led company from pre-seed to seed round investment

2018 July - 2020 August


R&D Lead
Data Science


Technology making public affairs more accessible to the general public

Developed experimental machine learning features to assist public affairs professionals

Coordinated inter-organization research partnership projects in machine learning

2016 July - 2020 September

Data Strategy

Primary Consultant


Data analysis, data methodology and consulting services

Partnership work with analysis and journalism houses

This is my primary company for external consulting work. For more info, please visit datastrategy.se

2014 September - 2016 April

Falcon Social

Business Intelligence Lead
Business Analyst/Developer


I used combinations of software usage data and internal business data to develop new strategies on how to scale, and helped implement them across the organization

I did extensive statistical analysis on user behavior data and survey data to create business recommendations and quarterly objectives

I designed and coded an extensible internal reporting infrastructure and business data storage solution

2012 August - 2014 January


CTO Basidia
Consultant to SAXO


The goal of this project was to build a platform for sharing and creating educational resources for the Danish educational system. As CTO, my role was to draw up technical specifications for this platform, as well as leading in-house and outsourced team members in development. I also conducted extensive user interviews and user studies for requirements elicitation.

As Basidia became more integrated with Saxo.com, my role was the same as above, only the products were Saxo Publish, Saxo Print-On-Demand and Saxo Education.

2009 July - 2012 May

Wikimedia Foundation

Developer - Usability Initiative
Research Analyst


Usability Initiative
As part of the Wikipedia Usability Initiative, I gathered qualitative and quantitative data on the usage of Wikipedia and its sister projects, looking at the findings, and, with my teammates, wrote code to implement the changes that would best meet our usability goals.

Research Analyst
When the organization grew larger, I continued as a research analyst in Global Development. My responsibilities were to gather data on global usage, building a generic analytics framework for this data, and summarizing the insights from it for the organization and the wiki community.

2007 September - 2009 March


Software Developer


I worked on user behavior analysis for products in Yahoo! Travel.

Additionally, I conducted A/B tests of various landing pages.

This role also involved extensive front-end web development with javascript, specifically the YUI libraries

What I'm involved in

Current Projects


Open source software to build a better democracy


Voices on Asylum and Migration


Political party focusing on sustainable, creative democracy


Using TV white space for rural wi-fi

What I learned


2005 August - 2007 May


Masters Technology

Graduate Degree

Masters of Language Technology, part of the School of Computer Science. This program is divided between classwork and academic research. My work focused on using statistical and machine learning techniques for text-to-text translation.

Additional coursework included software design, search engine development, and interface/interaction design.

2000 August - 2003 December

Georgia Tech

Bachelors of Science

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Specializations in Cognitive Science, Networking, and Video Game Design

What I know

Skills & Knowledge


  • Python
  • ReactJS
  • D3JS
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Javascript / ECMAScript
  • Java
  • Machine Learning
  • C/C#
  • Linux/Unix
  • MySQL
  • Postgres














Hobbies & Interests

  • Acroyoga


    Acroyoga is the practice of finding balance and connection with others.
    Plus it's fun and teaches you fancy acrobatics. One of my favorite activities.

  • Linguistics


    I'm continuously fascinated by the different structures in languages and languages in general
    I'd learn them all if I could.

  • Meditation


    We don't have to wander around being stressed out all the time, nor should we.
    Meditation is mental exercise in the purest form.

  • Software

    Software Hacking

    Tinkering with tech, especially open-source.

  • Hardware

    Hardware Hacking

    I've never been particularly good at this, but it's something I aim to improve on in the future. I especially like tinkering with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.