Malmö area 2018 Election Results

What's this?

A map of Malmö and the surrounding municipalities of Burlöv, Staffanstorp, Lomma, Lund, Svedala and Vellinge. Each area represents a voting district in the 2018 election. Clicking on any of the party buttons above will color the map based on party support. The deeper the color, the more intense the support.

The bar chart next to the map will also sort based on which voting district had the highest and lowest support for the given party. Each voting district is approximately 1000 registered voters.


Click a party name to see the map change color and indicate support for the chosen party.

Hover over a district to see the district name and the number of votes recieved by that party in the given district

Scroll up or down in the map to zoom in and out (or you can double-click to zoom in).

Hold and drag the map to move around in it.

Data sources

All data obtained from Valmyndigheten

More info

I have a blog post with some more info here