Crime and Fear in Sweden 2016

What is this?


This visualization shows crime vs fear in Sweden for several different categories of crime. If you select a crime type from the drop-down menu on the left, you'll see the liklihood of different demographic grouops being a victim of that category of crime. Additionally, a dotted line showing the average for that group is also shown.

If you choose a category from the drop-down menu on the right, you will see the percentage of people who indicate a high amount of concern about that crime.

Some categories are expandable, such as Age and Gender. You can expand it by clicking on the image of the group of people, and then selecting a gender.

Where this data came from

This is data collected from, or the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. The data under 'crime' comes from Brott mot enskilda personer i olika befolkningsgrupper, derived from nationally reported crime data. The data for 'fear' comes from the Swedish Crime Survey (Nationella trygghetsundersökningen), and the data source called Otrygghet och oro för brott i olika befolkningsgrupper (Both can be viewed here)

What the numbers mean

The 'crime' numbers indicate the percentage of the population who fit the given demographic and were victims of the category of crime selected.

The 'fear' numbers indicate the percentage of people in that demographic slice indicating very high (ganska/mycket ofta) levels of concern or fear (otrygghet or oro) about the given categories on the Swedish Crime Survey

Varför är det inte på svenska?

I'm still learning Swedish. I'm OK-ish, but with something like this, where I'm trying to shorten and summarize results, I want to be sure I'm using the most accurate words I can.

About me

I'm a Data Scientist living in Sweden who likes making these kinds of visualizations for fun. Drop me a line at